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REN Energy and ESG

REN Energy is committed to conforming to Environmental Social and (Corporate) Governance best practices to ensure long term sustainability for all stakeholders – communities, employees, leaders, investors and the environment. This commitment is critical to REN Energy fulfilling it’s long term vision of providing large scale renewable energy solutions that not only meet but exceed current clean energy mandates around the world.

ESG Commitments and Goals


  • – Utilizes proven technology to generate renewable energy that is carbon neutral with carbon negative potential
  • – Sources sustainable biomass with no deforestation
  • – Eliminates forestry waste
  • – Reduces greenhouse gas (GHG)  emissions of carbon and methane
  • – Front end reclamation initiative to mitigate any possible environmental impacts



  • – Works and partners closely with plant location communities to foster positive local impacts
  • – Indigenous Policy to promote access and opportunity with training, employment and community participation
  • – Maintaining the highest health and safety standards for all our workers
  • – Proactive community and stakeholder engagement to promote positive long term economic and social benefits
  • – Promoting equality and diversity in the workplace


  • – Qualified government accredited tax credit program
  • – International Financial Reporting Standards (IFSR) compliant for transparent financial and accounting reporting
  • – Employs a diverse, inclusive, gender – balanced executive team
  • – Commits to high level of engagement with the stakeholders and shareholders
  • – High standards of business ethics, integrity, and honesty to ensure that there is no corruption, bribery, money laundering, and internal misconduct activities in the business.


Climate Energy Solutions for Climate Change Reduction

Dedicated to researching and utilizing leading-edge technology, reduce CI to negative, and meet or exceed clean energy mandates.

ESG Priorities


Lifecycle Community and Indigenous Relations

Employs a diverse leadership team and advisory board utilizing, respectful and proactive strategies to engage with communities and Indigenous, continuously seeking to improve and welcoming feedback




Performance Transparency and Accountability

Established in International Financial Reporting Standards best practices in accounting and corporate structuring to ensure complete transparency, and build confidence with stakeholders and shareholders alike.

Sustainability Governance


REN Energy takes a comprehensive approach to ESG with accountabilities designated to all board members.

          1. – Corporate Social Responsibility

          2. – Human Resources and Compensation

          3. – Finance, Audit and Risk

          4. – Safety, Reputation and Reliability

          5. – Governance

Technology Innovation – The REN RNG Solution

REN Energy’s British Columbia Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) project will employ leading-edge, proven technology with the first commercial operation of gasification and combined heat and power (CHP) in Denmark in 2008. Almost all stages of RNG’s lifecycle emit zero to negative carbon and lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions are considered nil.


Community Relations Priority


  1. Identify and engage regional shareholders (Local government, community and Indigenous leaders and residents).

  2. Identify Regional concerns, risks and opportunities.

  3. Develop strategies to strengthen relationships and address risks.

  4. Implement plans, set up reporting metrics, adjust and repeat.


  1. Respect and honor culture, traditions and history of our Indigenous People.

  2. Recognize legal and constitutional rights.

  3. Engage respectfully and sincerely to establish mutually beneficial relationships.

  4. Seek to increase socio-economic participation through training, employment and investment to facilitate long term positive outcomes.


Environment, Sustainability, and Governance Ranking


Reproduction permission granted by ESG Enterprise.