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Creating integrated investment value

Production of record breaking volumes of highly valuable  Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and Hydrogen through a closed-loop process integrating all business assets.

1 x shovel-ready project, and 3 x near-term projects = total output of ~7.6mm GJ/year.

ESG certified, leveraging woodwaste and fully-integrated production,  resulting in valuable renewable resources, and a measurable impact on community forests and water sources. 

Secured agreements for feedstock, offtakes and supply, with advanced discussions underway with leading investment grade corporations for large-scale project development.

Short and long-term scaling ability through flexible technology, RNG & hydrogen products, and long-term project list with high-output potential. 

Robust leadership team of seasoned professionals with relevant experience across management, team and board – including 27 years of experience with Fortis. 

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Strong Project Pipeline

Invest in The Future of Renewables