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Kelowna, BC: May 25, 2021: REN Energy International Corp (REN Energy) has released its first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Summary Report from ESG Enterprise, which highlights sustainable actions by the company related to its environmental footprint, diversity, inclusion, social impacts, and governance. ESG Enterprise, a carbon neutrality risk management program, follows UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) metrics to generate their ratings.

The report features excellent ratings of the REN RNG Solution™ and REN Energy, especially, in the categories of Physical Impacts of Climate Change, Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, as well as, Clean, Affordable, Energy.

“The ESG Summary Report highlights the importance of establishing a solid reporting framework to fulfill our company’s purpose of providing large scale renewable energy solutions that not only meet but exceed current clean energy mandates.” said Phil Viggiani, CEO of REN Energy. “Foundational transparency provides investors, employees, and communities with the ability to clearly measure REN Energy’s progress toward being a sustainable and fully inclusive company.”

The ESG Summary Report includes:

  • The status of the operational and environmental targets set by REN Energy’s Executive team.
  • Actions associated with the company’s internal policies regarding environment, business ethics, indigenous engagement, and sustainable development goals, which will serve as a standard to measure the company’s progress going forward.

“We are very pleased with our rating given that we are ranking with companies that include their financial performance while we are pre-revenue.” added Viggiani.

“We are glad to see REN Energy demonstrating transparency and ESG leadership by reporting from pre-revenue that support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and encourage other companies to do the same,” said Jen Wang, Head of Sustainability Analytics at ESG Enterprise. “They have accomplished excellent in Environmental and Social key performance indicators and placed themselves in 91 percentile in the Renewable & Alternative Energy Biofuel industry in Canada.”

was created as a precursor to other disclosures being established, including its goal of an annual Sustainability Report, which will provide details about REN Energy’s ESG strategy, framework and performance.

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About REN Energy International Corp.

REN Energy International Corp. (REN Energy), an established engineering services and technology deployment company, is on track to become a premier supplier of renewable energies. Its primary focus is driving large-scale solutions to generate Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) across North America and around the globe.

The REN RNG Solution™ employs commercially proven technologies to maximize the conversion of biomass/wood waste into RNG successfully reviewed by an independent, globally recognized engineering company.

Headquartered in Kelowna, BC, REN Energy was founded in early 2018 following several years of investigation into waste-to-energy opportunities and with a mission to deploy proven technology that converts waste materials into valuable end products. REN Energy’s goal is to generate much-needed renewable energies in cooperation with like-minded partners in local municipalities, First Nations, forestry industry operators, and financial supporters.

ABOUT ESG Enterprise

ESG Enterprise is an Environmental, Social, and Governance data analytics company designed to help businesses, NGOs and governments reduce ESG risks, manage disruptions, and capture opportunities in the transition to a sustainable-growth and low-carbon economy.